As an interpreter you will play a pivotal role in MEUS: you will interpret speeches, debates, meetings with lobbyists and press conferences, both from English into your mother tongue and from your mother tongue into English (providing relay interpreting for the other booths). Your work will make the conference more realistic, dynamic and inclusive. You will work mainly in the simultaneous mode, but you will also be able to try your hand at consecutive interpreting and chuchotage (whispered interpreting), getting the opportunity to hone in a variety of interpreting skills in a near real-life working environment providing the best conditions for an excellent interpreting performance. If you are a student or recent graduate in Interpreting Studies, this conference represents a unique opportunity to put your abilities to the test, gain first-hand interpreting experience in state-of-the-art booths at the European Parliament and meet other talented budding interpreters from all over Europe. With the highest number of languages covered by interpretation of any such simulation, MEUS is a truly multilingual event. Don’t miss this chance to get a head start in your career as a conference interpreter!


  • You are a student or graduate of interpreting studies. As the level of interpreting skills is crucial, priority will be given to more advanced students who already have some interpreting experience.
  • Your B language is English. Whatever the applicant’s A language, his/her language combination has to include English as a B language: as participants will be allowed to speak their mother tongue, English as a B language is a prerequisite to provide relay interpreting. C languages are welcome, but not obligatory.
  • You are between 18 and 26 years old.

Note: you can only apply for the role of interpreter as your 1st choice.

The official list and the number of languages covered by interpretation will be decided at the end of the selection process and will be influenced by various factors, e.g. the number of participants for each language.


Please fill out the online Application form (in British English, the official language of MEUS) and upload the following documents:

  • Your CV;
  • Motivation letter (500-1000 words). Please include the following information:
    • Your general background information;
    • Your studies with an emphasis on interpreting;
    • Your interpreting level (from and into English);
    • Your practical interpreting experience so far;
    • Your motivation for taking part in MEUS;
    • How you are planning to prepare for the conference if selected;
  • Reference letter about your interpreting skills;
  • Transcript of records from your last two years of studies:
    • If your university does not provide a copy in English, upload the original version and provide a translation into English;
    • Students in their second year only need to provide the transcript for the previous year (without being disadvantaged because of this);
    • Please bear in mind that the grades are not a decisive factor in the selection process and will be taken into account only as an advisory factor in case of equally good applications.

Note: no essay is required for those applying for the role of interpreters.

You may upload up to 5MB in total. If you have any questions, you may contact the Head of Interpretation (Ms Sofía Sansano González, or her Assistant (Ms Annika Schlesiger,