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MEU in a Nutshell

European Politics Simulation

Join us from 21st to 28th April 2018 for the next edition of Model European Union Strasbourg, the original and authoritative simulation of European politics. We were founded in the spring of 2007 by a group of university students and have since grown to be the world’s largest and most authentic simulation of the EU’s decision-making process. Bringing together 200 young Europeans, our intense, weeklong conference is held inside the European Parliament in Strasbourg – and the two topics discussed this edition are the privacy in electronc communications and work-life balance. During the conference, you will have the chance to test yourself and interact with others in a professional but friendly environment, where you experience the internal functioning of the EU first hand. The official language of MEU Strasbourg is English, but there will be interpretation into all major European Languages!

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During the conference, roughly 200 participants have the chance to interact with each other in a professional and friendly environment, where they can truly comprehend the internal functioning of the EU. Each year they debate two real-life legislative proposals drafted by the European Commission and simulate the EU decision making process by taking on the roles of:

  • Member of the European Parliament
  • Minister
  • Interpreter
  • Lobbyist
  • Journalist

MEU is not only a unique educational project that gives its participants the opportunity to develop their skills in debating, communication and lawmaking in a truly international setting. It is also a place where lifelong friendships are formed and where the true spirit of European integration flows!

Model European Union Strasbourg is an unique opportunity to engage you, the youth of Europe, in some of the union's biggest questions and it is therefore an initiative I wholeheartedly support and follow with enthusiasm.

- Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament

As you participate in this conference, whether you are a minister, an MEP, a journalist, lobbyist or interpreter, I trust that this week will increase your knowledge about the European institutions and how demanding it can be to find common solutions to Europes issues.

- Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

It's important that young people engage themselves in European politics and that they look how EU politics work in practice. I am very pleased that they are going to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where they can sit in plenary themselves, where the heart of European Democracy is.

- Guy Verhofstadt, Leader of ALDE Group


  • enjoyed the conference 100%

  • find the conference realistic and professional 96%

  • would recommend the conference to someone else 98%

  • say it has improved their understanding of the EU 95%

  • find the conference well organised 94%


One of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Best decision in my professional career as interpreter.

An incredible experience that makes you grow on many different levels.

Absolutely enlightening and stimulating. It shows what great things young people are able to do.

Challenging, exhausting but definitely worth it: The best experience in my life.

The best simulation of European Politics out there.

Simply amazing

Member of the European Parliament

As an MEP at MEU Strasbourg you will be at the very heart of the simulation. Your task will be to establish a faction line on each policy area, pursue it rigorously and defend yourself against attacks from your political opponents, tricky questions from the journalists, and influence of the lobbyists. Your arguments will be interpreted into many languages, and you’ll have to find common ground – also with the political extremes.


As a minister at MEU Strasbourg, you are there to defend the political interests of your national government. You will debate with your 27 fellow ministers in an intense and close­knit council, where only what everyone can agree to escapes to the press (ideally!). As a minister you will have to get a qualified majority to support you in the council, a majority in the often divided parliament – and to have a few lobbyists and journalists on your side doesn’t hurt either.


Interpreters play a pivotal role in MEUS: they interpret speeches, debates, meetings withlobbyists and press conferences, both from English into their mother tongue and from their mother tongue into English, thus making the conference more realistic, dynamic and inclusive. Interpreters mainly work in the simultaneous mode in state­of­the­art booths at the European Parliament, but they can also try their hand at consecutive interpreting and chuchotage (whispered interpreting), getting the opportunity to hone in a variety of skills in a near real­life working environment providing the best conditions for an excellent interpreting performance.


The role of the lobbyists is to stir up the debate, advocating strongly for outside interests. These could represent the needs of anything from large corporate entities, to human rights NGOs. Inside the European Parliament, the lobbyists have the chance to present influential research and convincing speeches to rally support. A large proportion of their success, however, lies in their ability to network effectively during the coffee breaks, over lunch and whilst enjoying the social program. Build your network of influence and shape the legislative outcome of the process so that it favours your client!


As a journalist at MEUS you will take on a very demanding and important role due to the various different tasks that the team undertakes. Your job will be to follow the events that unfold in the conference very carefully. You’ll inform participants on a daily basis about the decisions, moves and agreements achieved in the committees via a daily newspaper, photos and newscasts. This is a great opportunity for those wanting to venture into a journalistic field in the future, as being part of MEUS gives you insight into what is really is like to be a journalist.

Since 2007, MEU Strasbourg has

  received applications
  welcomed participants
  received support from EU officials
  coffees served during breakes

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